I need to post more. This is just sad! There has been so much going on though that I can barely keep up never mind post about it. Instagram has become my new favourite updating tool and even then it can be several days before I post a picture. I’m not going to go back and try to fill in the giant gap. It’s just too hard! Instead here are some filler pictures (yes, if you’re on my instagram you’ve seen these!)


My favourite picture!


Hanging with my girl!


Singing along.


Playing πŸ™‚


He cut his first tooth last night so he’s not quite as smiley.


How do they do it? How do new working moms do anything after work besides taking care of their baby?? Maybe I’m confused and they don’t actually do anything either, I just think they are. I have this notion that I’m supposed to be able to do everything I did before but now with a baby. Somehow I should still be able to work in visits to the gym; trips to Walmart, Lowes, & Sam’s; cook delicious meals; do all the weeding in the landscaping; mow the lawn; bake; go berry picking; and power clean my house. In reality this week I have managed to cook 3 times in the last 4 days, fold 1/2 of my mountain of laundry (just folding, the washing all happened last week), and run the dishwasher a couple of times. Thank goodness I have JB to help me with things or I’d be doomed!

At this point in time nothing is getting done during the week beyond what is necessary and even that is taking all my powers of organization. Each night I cook dinner and then the rest of the time is playing/taking care of Baby John. Some nights he begrudges even the time it takes to prepare dinner. πŸ™‚ Once he falls asleep I begin preparing for the next day: I pick out my clothes, make my lunch, pick out John’s clothes and pack his food, prep tomorrow’s dinner, wash up all the bottles & containers for Baby John’s food, and shower. Showering has become a night time activity because I never know how long Baby John is going to sleep in the mornings. The mornings are busy enough with breakfast, hair, make-up, nursing, and packing the suitcase I have to lug to work everyday.

The best part of my day is the couple of hours of just hanging out with the Boys after dinner.


Can you handle the cuteness?


No. I didn’t think you could.


I am definitely not the master of my own schedule anymore!

I used to run my errands on a whim.

I used to bake at the drop of a hat.

No more! Baby John rules the roost with an iron fist.

I sleep when he does or I pay the consequences (read: if I don’t nap in the mornings or go to bed at 9:00 the next day I look like roadkill and move at the speed of a striking snail).Β  I nurse him when he’s ready or else (there is some leeway here, he’s willing to give me a few minutes of warning but when the grace period is up he’s not shy about letting me know). I do have a secret weapon in my arsenal – I put him in my wrap or carrier and start to vacuum and he falls asleep in about 5 minutes.


Hands free!

He’s very curious and loves to be shown everything. When I’m cooking he likes to see what I’m doing and I can actually do quite a bit before he gets bored and JB either takes him or takes over making dinner. He does really well in the car and doesn’t mind going to Walmart or Lowes when the mood strikes us. I always put him in the wrap or carrier though and never leave him in the car seat – he’s not a fan of sitting in the seat and not being in the car.

Well, my “vacation” is over and I’m back at work. That means I have time to post again. Ha! Don’t tell my boss. πŸ™‚ I started back at work on Monday and I consider it a success because I didn’t cry at all. Of course, that could be because I asked for updates all day and I was distracted by all the catching up that needed to be done. Hopefully work continues to stay steady so I don’t have time to brood.

I realize that I didn’t post at all on my maternity leave and the only way to stay connected was through Instagram and even then I was told I wasn’t posting enough pictures of John. I will try to rectify this and at the same time post on my website because sometimes pictures just don’t express enough!

Today’s topic – food of course! In order to spare Baby JB tummy aches and skin rashes sacrifices had to be made. This will be proof positive how much I love Baby JB because it actually hasn’t felt like a sacrifice!

  • First things eliminated were the standard foods: onions, garlic, tomatoes, citrus, cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers/pickles, chocolate & peanuts
  • Good-bye wheat and hello Gluten Free – this wasn’t too difficult since JB has been gluten free for several months. It just meant no sneaking out for donuts and laying off the sandwiches. After giving gluten up there was improvement but he was still having tummy issues.
  • Dairy Free – No butter?? No heavy cream?? No cheese?? Mentally giving up these things was easy but practically it was more difficult. So many recipes call for one of these things! Thank goodness for Crisco and soy ice cream. There is no work around for cheese though. I tried fake cheese and it was inedible. Seriously. Anyone who says it is good it is because they haven’t had real cheese in so long that they’ve forgotten what it should taste like. There was significant improvement after giving up dairy. His tummy trouble was over but he would still break out in a rash.
  • So long corn! This was hard. Corn is in everything! All the Gluten Free snacks had corn and I was pretty sad to give up cornbread. This cleared up the lingering rash though!

What’s left to eat you ask? Meat, potatoes, rice and salad (as long as you only like leaves, carrots and celery). Ha! That makes it sound like I’m really suffering but actually with a little thought into meal planning you can eat all kinds of things. Here a few of the meals we had this week:

  • Grilled chicken, spaghetti squash & GF noodles
  • Steak, rice & salad
  • Grilled salmon, potatoes & steamed carrots
  • Honey glazed pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes & asparagus

Snacks are a little challenging but I can eat all kinds of fruit and I can still have plain potato chips so all is not lost! πŸ™‚ Besides, look at all this cuteness!! How could I begrudge him anything???



Why hello there!

As most of you know we had a baby. πŸ˜› Either you’ve seen the pictures via Instagram or my parents but for the people who aren’t connected in that fashion I figured I should post something. I would have posted sooner but my life is consumed with John! He nurses when he wants to and that makes for an unpredictable schedule. Usually if he’s sleeping I’m trying to sleep and there’s no way I can post when he’s awake!

John was born on the 26th. He was 9 lbs 14 oz and 22 1/2 inches long. One of the nurses congratulated me on my “toddler” when he was born. πŸ˜‰



There’s been no updates because there’s been nothing to say. Baby Blain is as stubborn as his Dad. That’s right, his Dad – I am not stubborn at all.

We’ve been hanging out with Mom & Dad for the last week getting ready for Baby Blain. We finished up his room, Mom bought more clothes because she was convinced that he didn’t have enough sleepers, we’ve eaten out at some new restaurants, Dad fixed up our garage door, and the parents have been keeping up with the Jets at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Oh, and we’ve been watching basketball. Ahh the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Nothing distracts quite like hours and hours of college hoops. I think Mom is catching up on some reading. πŸ™‚ I personally couldn’t have planned it better – no work interference with the tournament at all! If only I could do a better job on my bracket!

This weekend will be full of more sitting around, groaning over the size of my feet and watching the tournament. I definitely have time to have a baby if he’d like to work his way into the schedule.

Wow! I fell behind on my updates! The worst part is, now I’m updating but I’m about to use a week old picture!! πŸ™‚ Ah well, you’ll get the idea. πŸ™‚

This past week has been really busy at work. People are realizing that I’m going to be gone and seem to be piling it on before I leave. I have no idea how that makes sense. I’ve been trying really hard to get my replacement up to speed and get everything done which has been tricky. Good thing there’s only one week left!

When I get home I’m a lazy bones. JB will make me a snack and banish me to the couch before dinner. We’ll eat supper and then it’s back to the couch for some basketball or a movie. I usually fall asleep and JB wakes me up so I can move to the bed. Bedtime is probably the most active I get during the week: I fall asleep on the couch, move to the bed, sleep 2 hours, move to the recliner, sleep a couple of hours and then move to the couch for the last little bit. I’ve tried to sleep in just one place but then I’m up most of the night. Good thing I’m nearing the end!

On a side note: I really dislike the time change. I’m a morning person and I’m used to it brightening at 6:00ish with the birds singing and everything waking up. Now it’s back to darkness while I drink my tea. πŸ™


The last few days I’ve had some swelling in my ankles and feet. I’m not worried about it from a medical standpoint because I saw the doctor on Tuesday and she said my blood pressure was great. In fact, this whole pregnancy I’ve been like some sort of machine and my blood pressure has barely changed. So, medically not a problem – aesthetically: I hate it!!! Who knew that I harbored a secret vanity for my feet!

A lot of women will tell you about their experiences being pregnant. “Oh, my baby was so big he got stuck in my ribs and had to wear braces on his legs until he was 10 months old”. “I was so tired I could barely move for the last month and just laid in bed”. “I had heartburn for months and eating was torture”. There’s usually something that sticks with them and I’m sure they hold it over their kids later. I’ve had a really good pregnancy so far:

  • Only a week or two of nausea no actual vomiting at all through this thing.
  • About a month of some persistent rib pain while I was expanding
  • These last couple of weeks it’s definitely been harder to breathe
  • Some swelling

I’m really thankful because even those problems aren’t that bad.

In an effort to take my mind off my feet I decided to do something to make me feel pretty. I decided to try out my velcro rollers that I’ve had for a long time and never used.


Don’t I look pretty?

I did everything the youtube videos told me. I blow dried my hair to 70% dryness, I put in the curlers (easier than I thought), I blow dried my hair for 10 minutes, I left the curlers in for 30 minutes, I blow dried my hair again just to make sure it was dry, and then waited for it to cool before I started taking the curlers out. Yeah. My hair was still damp!!!!!!! It didn’t really give me curls but it did give me volume. Like I needed more of that! In the end what I got was a pony tail that took me an hour to do. πŸ™‚ Yeah, sorry but no picture – the pony tail took so long that I had to dash out to work before taking a picture.

It really did happen. We worked on Baby Blain’s room. We put the crib together. Washed all the bedding, swaddle blankets, towels, washcloths, extra blankets, burp cloths, and fabric covers. We bought a dresser – that took much longer than I thought. I spent a couple of weekends driving around different places looking for one that wasn’t stupidly expensive. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to match the color too.

After buying the dresser we washed all his little clothes. I know I’ll be doing his laundry until he’s in college but this first time was pretty special. All his tiny little onesies, mittens and socks. So sweet. Hmm, must be the hormones. πŸ™‚


Winnie the Pooh and Pluto. We bought Pluto when we were in Disney World a year and half ago. Good thing we’re having a boy! πŸ™‚



Thank you Tracy for the dresser!!!


There’s still some work to be done but it’s coming together.

Time for an update! New things this week:

* JB moved his stuff out of John’s room so I can start setting things up.
* I returned a few things to Buy Buy Baby and was able to buy some needed items using only the gift cards!
* I have decided that my last day at work will be March 15th unless Baby Blain comes early
* I am experiencing some impressive swelling in my feet when I forget to take my vitamins.

Here’s me!



Here’s a pic from my perspective!


These are two blankets I’ve made for some guys at work who’s wives are expecting.