It really did happen. We worked on Baby Blain’s room. We put the crib together. Washed all the bedding, swaddle blankets, towels, washcloths, extra blankets, burp cloths, and fabric covers. We bought a dresser – that took much longer than I thought. I spent a couple of weekends driving around different places looking for one that wasn’t stupidly expensive. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to match the color too.

After buying the dresser we washed all his little clothes. I know I’ll be doing his laundry until he’s in college but this first time was pretty special. All his tiny little onesies, mittens and socks. So sweet. Hmm, must be the hormones. 🙂


Winnie the Pooh and Pluto. We bought Pluto when we were in Disney World a year and half ago. Good thing we’re having a boy! 🙂



Thank you Tracy for the dresser!!!


There’s still some work to be done but it’s coming together.

3 Thoughts on “Twice In One Weekend?! I’m An Overachiever

  1. his crib looks so cozy! it’s making me sleepy 🙂

  2. JB says that Baby John has a nicer bed than we do since we don’t even have a headboard.

  3. There is something so special about the first time…

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