The last few days I’ve had some swelling in my ankles and feet. I’m not worried about it from a medical standpoint because I saw the doctor on Tuesday and she said my blood pressure was great. In fact, this whole pregnancy I’ve been like some sort of machine and my blood pressure has barely changed. So, medically not a problem – aesthetically: I hate it!!! Who knew that I harbored a secret vanity for my feet!

A lot of women will tell you about their experiences being pregnant. “Oh, my baby was so big he got stuck in my ribs and had to wear braces on his legs until he was 10 months old”. “I was so tired I could barely move for the last month and just laid in bed”. “I had heartburn for months and eating was torture”. There’s usually something that sticks with them and I’m sure they hold it over their kids later. I’ve had a really good pregnancy so far:

  • Only a week or two of nausea no actual vomiting at all through this thing.
  • About a month of some persistent rib pain while I was expanding
  • These last couple of weeks it’s definitely been harder to breathe
  • Some swelling

I’m really thankful because even those problems aren’t that bad.

In an effort to take my mind off my feet I decided to do something to make me feel pretty. I decided to try out my velcro rollers that I’ve had for a long time and never used.


Don’t I look pretty?

I did everything the youtube videos told me. I blow dried my hair to 70% dryness, I put in the curlers (easier than I thought), I blow dried my hair for 10 minutes, I left the curlers in for 30 minutes, I blow dried my hair again just to make sure it was dry, and then waited for it to cool before I started taking the curlers out. Yeah. My hair was still damp!!!!!!! It didn’t really give me curls but it did give me volume. Like I needed more of that! In the end what I got was a pony tail that took me an hour to do. 🙂 Yeah, sorry but no picture – the pony tail took so long that I had to dash out to work before taking a picture.

One Thought on “Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

  1. I thought I was the only one that happens to…thank goodness for the pony tail…hides all fails! 🙂

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