How do they do it? How do new working moms do anything after work besides taking care of their baby?? Maybe I’m confused and they don’t actually do anything either, I just think they are. I have this notion that I’m supposed to be able to do everything I did before but now with a baby. Somehow I should still be able to work in visits to the gym; trips to Walmart, Lowes, & Sam’s; cook delicious meals; do all the weeding in the landscaping; mow the lawn; bake; go berry picking; and power clean my house. In reality this week I have managed to cook 3 times in the last 4 days, fold 1/2 of my mountain of laundry (just folding, the washing all happened last week), and run the dishwasher a couple of times. Thank goodness I have JB to help me with things or I’d be doomed!

At this point in time nothing is getting done during the week beyond what is necessary and even that is taking all my powers of organization. Each night I cook dinner and then the rest of the time is playing/taking care of Baby John. Some nights he begrudges even the time it takes to prepare dinner. 🙂 Once he falls asleep I begin preparing for the next day: I pick out my clothes, make my lunch, pick out John’s clothes and pack his food, prep tomorrow’s dinner, wash up all the bottles & containers for Baby John’s food, and shower. Showering has become a night time activity because I never know how long Baby John is going to sleep in the mornings. The mornings are busy enough with breakfast, hair, make-up, nursing, and packing the suitcase I have to lug to work everyday.

The best part of my day is the couple of hours of just hanging out with the Boys after dinner.


Can you handle the cuteness?


No. I didn’t think you could.


4 Thoughts on “Everyday Life

  1. Give yourself a break darling. No one can do all these things. That’s why they invented “take out”, iron-free clothing and pre-made jam at the grocery store. Do your best and love your boys. That’s enough for now.

  2. mbldybrd@shaw,ca on June 20, 2013 at 6:11 pm said:

    Love the Pics Little John is so cute and so his mother. Love you all Grandma B

  3. Moms right, most women can’t keep up with there regular activities with a new baby! Weird freaky people, running marathons within a week of giving birth. Darn Stedford wife’s making us all feel bad 🙁
    Things will get easier with time and as he becomes more independent, until then try and take time to enjoy the cuddles; don’t feel bad about weeds in the garden, let the rabbits eat them for a change. Before you know it you’ll have a active toddler who would LOVE to go berry picking with you!

  4. You are doing fine. Babies grow up so fast. Sit back and enjoy him. There will be time later on to do other things.

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